We want to accelerate financial innovation.

What we want to achieve ultimately is a financial ecosystem where long time players and newcomers can partner with ease, sharing technologies and experiences in order to speed up innovation for the end users.

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A founding team of close friends.

Alex, Greg and Dario founded Fintechdb in March 2018, after a successful acceleration in TheFactory in Oslo. After almost a year, we’re still united and determined as ever.

Alexander Beck

Alex has a law degree but never practiced. His strong analytical skills were noticed by PwC, where he shortly worked before leaving to focus on creating his own technology company. He has strong research and analysis, ideation, business and customer development skills.

Gregorio Gasperi

Greg is a multidisciplinarian developer with a background in design and a passion for building things on the web. He helped develop two of Germany’s largest sustainability-focused platforms, and left to focus on building Fintechdb.

Dario Ferrando

Coming from a design background, Dario worked as a freelancer and with agencies on a multitude of projects, with clients such as Nike, Casper, Der Spiegel, Grover, Zalando. His strong suit includes Branding, Strategy, Product Design, Marketing.

Building and learning with accelerators and their networks.

We had the luck to be accepted into a few accelerator programs in the past year, which gave us the chance to develop our skills, product, and customer network.