Find, understand, and compare financial technology companies.

We're building tools to help financial services understand what fintech companies do, and how that's relevant for their business. Our goal is to speed up partnerships and supplier relationships between tech vendors and financial services.

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Explore the fintech market with ease.

Our database contains light and in-depth information about fintech companies, and established players such as banks. Information such as their partnerships, funding rounds, and location is all stored and searchable here.

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Get weekly updates on the fintech space.

Stop scouting the market everyday, let us do it for you. We provide weekly updates on the fintech space, including raises, partnerships and much more.

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Extensive research based on commission.

Whilst we build the database we do assisted searches for our customers. If you need an overview of businesses in any market or a list of potential partners/suppliers we can create a report for you.

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We are building products with and for our users.

While our focus is on building our fintech database, we’re pursuing other opportunities that we've encountered. With extensive customer interviews and partnerships, we are currently building other features.

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We’re building a tool to find the right partnerships.

This tool streamlines the process of scouting the market when looking for partnerships. Collecting relevant companies in easy to access lists built on your research parameters.

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We’re developing interactive ways to display the market.

Sometimes a list of companies is not enough to convey a message, or the results of research. We’re building interactive tools to help you present financial data in innovative ways.

Currently co-creating the future of our database.

We currently offer an exclusive subscription for co-creation to selected clients. Please get in touch if you want to join the Alpha.

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